Female Sexual Anatomy-The Vulva, Clitoris, Vagina, Cervix, Uterus and Ovaries

Behind the Bikini—Female Sexual Anatomy

As you scroll down the page, you'll see what's there when a woman's crotch is bare. All illustrations are by Daerick Gross Sr. from the Guide To Getting It On!

The Vulva


A vulva is what you see when you are looking between a woman's legs. Yet people often refer to this as a vagina, which would be like calling your entire face a tongue. You don't see your tongue until your lips are apart, and you usually don't see a vagina until a woman pulls her lips or labia apart. And then you only see the opening of the vagina, unless it's highly aroused and the woman is spreading her legs apart. Then you might be able to look into the opening of her vagina a short way, or maybe not.


And here are a group of vulvas as seen from the rear of women who are bending over.


No two vulvas look exactly the same, just like no two penises look exactly the same. There can be a great variety in lip sizes, shapes and colors. The same is true for the clitoris, which we'll look at below.

Inside Your Girlfriend's Pelvis (When Your Penis or Fingers aren't there.)


When it comes to sexual anatomy, there's a lot going on between a woman's legs. While theGuide To Getting It Onis used in college and medical school sex-ed courses, the author is still constantly revising and updating what we are learning about sexual anatomy--especially as it is related to sexual pleasure.

Her Clitoris—More Than Meets the Eye


Each clitoris is unique. They come in different sizes and shapes.


This shows how the shaft and legs of the clitoris fit around a woman's vagina.


Here's a close-up of the glans or tip of the clitoris.


People often think that the tip of the clitoris is all there is. A look beneath the surface shows an entirely different story. This is why we have an entire chapter in the Guide To Getting It On! called "The Zen of Finger Fucking." It suggests a different approach to women's genitals than the one that a lot of guys seem to use--way different from what you see in porn.

The Cervix, Uterus, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes and More